Crowd Funder

spikeJanuary 18th, 2017

Logistically speaking, the Crowd Funder is the next step for my Web Series.

I’ve been gathering up Budget Data so I know how much to shoot for, and it looks like we’ll be shooting for $25,000.

Costumes – $6,157

Props – $3,233

Food For Cast & Crew – $2,510

Makeup/Makeup Artist – $1,500

Location Fees – $500

TOTAL = $13,900*

*Plus I Need A Few More Swords

Plus the Contributor Awards, which I’m Budgeting around $11,000.

So basically 60% of the funds will go towards Production, and 40% of the funds will go towards Rewards.

My next step would be to make a ‘Pitch’ Video for the Crowd Funder

Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, I’d just film myself, plus add some photos and/or behind the scenes Video Footage

But because I haven’t gone out since the end of October because of the Anxiety, I’m feeling less enthusiastic than I was back in August/September

I realize if I get the money, and cant get myself out of the house to Direct the Project, I can find another Director

In fact, I have someone in mind from our Crew

But if I do that, I will to a degree, at least with this Project, be letting go of my Greatest Passion, Directing

Don’t get me wrong, I love Producing, and Writing

But Directing has been my life long ambition

It’s what I was working on before I ended up in the hospital in 2002

And back in September, I Filmed our First two Scenes for the Web Series, and they came out pretty good

Though I/we may not be able to use them due to some Lighting and Sound Issues, I was overall happy with the actual footage

Anyway, that’s my Update for now

Thanks for Reading/Listening



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