spikeSo my Sword Trainer/Actor sent me over a Link to some Katana Swords…

There are a lot of them

Looks like I’ll have to go through them and determine which make sense

I’m definitely feeling motivated Creatively, and Film wise

It’s raining today, so I probably won’t be working on the Crowd Funding Pitch Video

I have something already written for it that should work

I still need to determine what the Contributor Rewards might be

So far I’m considering the following

  1. Baseball Hat with the Web Series Name on it (Black with Blue Writing) + Producing Credit
  2. Thick Hoodie Sweatshirt (White or Light Grey) + Producing Credit
  3. Thin Hoodie Long Sleeve Shirt (White) + Producing Credit
  4. Printed Images from the 8 Page Partial Comic Book Version of the Story

Beyond that, I’ve considered Offering these cool Jackets that our Lead Actress is going to be wearing, one Black, one Maroon + Producing Credit

I’m also considering offering Trench Coats like our Lead Male Detective Character is going to be wearing + Producing Credit

I’m also considering purchasing this pretty expensive Motorcycle Helmet for the production that I may give to a Major Contributor (Maybe $750 or more)

Nuff Said,



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