Directing My Web Series


January 24, 2017

So I went through my 16 Episode Web Series Script (‘s), and determined which Scenes I can Direct here from home, which Scenes I will be having my Visual Effects Person/Assistant Director Directing, and which Scenes I will be having my Fight Coordinator Directing

Basically it came out like this

Me = 17% of the Scenes

My Visual Effects/Assistant Director = 9% of the Scenes

My Fight Coordinator = 7% of the Scenes

My & My VFX/AD CoDirecting Scenes = 6% of the Scenes

And Post Production stuff I’ll do = 2%

Keeping in mind, I’ve only gone through 11 of the 16 Episodes so far

That leave 59% of the Scenes that I have yet to determine if I’ll be able to Direct, due to my Anxiety issues (Which is what this Site/Blog is about, my Filmmaking whilst dealing with PTSD/Anxiety, my sitch is described Here if you haven’t had a chance to read it) that I’m dealing with that are causing me not to leave the house

I know the whole thing must sound crazy, but when I did my 8 Month PreProduction last year, my Anxiety had gotten a lot better, or I wouldn’t have pursued it in the first place

My instincts have not lead me to calling off the whole Production

Rather I keep doing what I can to prepare for the Crowd Funder, as well as doing this Directing Process yesterday to take a look at what I’m dealing with

My options are basically to continue to build the Crowd Funder, which by the way I’ll be asking for $25,000 (Here’s the Breakdown)

And hope that I begin going out again, and start to feel better in general

Or do the Crowd Funder, but consider getting another Director, or giving more of the Directing to my VFX/AD and/or my Fight Coordinator (Both are Filmmakers as well)

And, by doing so either give up Directing this Project (Which is very difficult, as Directing is my main Passion in regards to Film Making)

Or Direct my 17%, and give each, or one of them the rest of the Directing duties

Or, shut the whole deal down

Challenging, challenging reality

Nuff Said,

Thanks for Listening/Reading


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