Crowd Funder Video

spikeJanuary 31st, 2017

I finally finished my Crowd Funder Video

And now I sit before the harrowing (Mostly harrowing because I’ve been having a harder time with my Anxiety/PTSD during the last few months) reality of whether or not I feel confident enough to put together the rest of the Crowd Funder, and begin trying to gather $25,000 for my Web Series Production

I still haven’t decided whether or not I want to either bring on another Director (Other than myself) to share in the Directing duties, or possibly have one of my people already in the Production take more of the Directing Reigns

The more I have someone else do Directing, the more the Project will change and shift from what it would look like if I Directed

On one hand, at least I’d finally see my Story made

After all, the Screenplay was originally written in 2002-04

But I didn’t convert it into a 16 Episode Web Series until 2015-16

I’m also wanting to get some feedback from the Cast and Crew about the Crowd Funding Video, but part of me feels like I’m almost leading them on by doing so, being I don’t really know what the outcome of this whole Production will be

Can I handle someone else Directing?

I have no idea how that would affect me

Also, my Lead Actress is very comfortable with me as the Director, and I believe in her 100%

But there’s no saying how she would respond to another Director

I also have special relationships with the rest of the Cast

Anyway, kind of a perplexing moment

Nuff Said for this Entry

Thanks for Reading/Listening





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