Web Series First 3 Episodes


February 7th, 2017

So now I’m considering Filming the First 3 Episodes of my Web Series, which I can Direct because many of the Scenes are Filmed on the property I’m living at…

So I don’t have to deal with my PTSD/Anxiety issues so much.

This isn’t as a way to avoid them, what I’d do is at that point if I’m having progress with my Anxiety Etc., and feel I can Direct at different locations, then I’ll continue to be the Director…

But if I can’t, I’ll bring on a different Director.

The other Strategy of this is, I need to generate $25,000 Budget via Crowd Funding for all 16 Episodes, but instead I’d generate $8,300 for the First 3 Episodes (There’s more costs to the First 3 Episodes), and be able to use the finished product to help me generate Funds for the remaining 13 Episodes.

This may be the way to go.

Nuff Said for now

We shall see



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