All Goes Quiet


And so movement on my Web Series goes quiet, as I spend some time pondering on the inside whether I should launch my Crowd Funder.

Meanwhile, as I try to get clarity on the Role of my once Assistant Director/Visual Effects Person, Now just Visual Effects Person? He once again is not replying to my text.

Tis a sad tale to be sure… In the beginning, he approached me with boat loads of enthusiasm about my project, offering his services in any way he could help.

Initially this was to be Visual Effects, which made the ‘futuristic’ aspects of the Screenplay possible…

But during the 8 months of PreProduction, he became basically unavailable, and when he finally reared his head, he was passively controlling, and communicated terribly.

Which lead to a huge Email from me venting my frustrations, which I do believe, has forever augmented not just our working relationship, but the friendship that had grown.

Anyway… I suspect he will leave this project entirely soon, leaving us without a Visual Effects person, which completely changes everything in regards to our Crowd Funder.

On a positive note, I was able to make contact with a very good artist, one that did some comic book and scene drawings for me 10 years back, and will be getting an estimate on a Storyboard from her.

Nuff Said

Thanks for Listening/Reading




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