New Beginning Or Lost Cause


So the Skype Meeting was set up for this past Monday with my Visual Effects Person, where I would let him know that I may bring on a different Director for Episodes 4-16 of my Web Series, and ask if he felt comfortable working with a different Director.

I was also going to tell him why, that my Anxiety Issues had become too difficult to do On Location Filming, and overall try to get a feel from him whether he actually has any interest in the Project anymore, because he’s been so hard to get Replies from Etc.

So the day comes, and he says unless we have something to show one another, a phone call instead of a Skype Meeting should be enough.

This struck me very badly… First of all, we used to have Skype Meetings all of the time…

Secondly, it felt like another passive aggressive control thing…

Especially when I then expressed that I prefer a Skype Meeting (Because it’s more like being in Person than being on the phone, and I needed to talk to him about some important things)

So I told him I prefer Skype, but ok.

Then I sat there for a moment, and decided it was over… Time to part ways.

So I told him, and his response was basically, “If that’s how you feel… But in truth, I’m not sure Film is going to be my path anyway,”.

Anyway… That was rough, but essential for me to go forward without worrying if he’d actually end up doing the Post Production Visual Effects, or back out last minute.

Beyond that, I started looking for another Visual Effects Person, which will be tough.

And I sent an Email to my Cast letting them know about the Departure from our Visual Effects Person, and my hunt for another.

I also told them that I was thinking about bringing in a Cinematographer, for at least Episodes 4-16.

No reply from any of them… Which is tough.

Other than that, my Doctor’s Nurse wants me to come in for some Blood Work, standard, so that they can continue to prescribe the different heart medicines I’m on…

And I had to leave her a message saying, I’m not sure I can come in, I may need to have someone come to my house to take blood, due to my anxiety.

I was almost drawn to try and go out yesterday…

Other than that, until I get a New Visual Effects Person, I’m not going to launch the Fund Raiser.

Tough time

Nuff Said



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