Quiet Once More


I sit here in the dark, pondering my life. The Web Series PreProduction went so well last year, but has really seemed to come to a halt.

I’ve considered asking a couple Filmmaker Friends if they’d like to Direct, and Co-Produce the Web Series, but I’m not even sure I could emotionally handle handing it over to someone.

And so nothing.

I’ve been spending most of my time focusing on a hobby of mine which I love, but weeks are going by now, and somehow a hobby isn’t enough.

I haven’t tried to go out since October.

I’d like to start by taking rides around where I live, but I find it hard to do it with my mom who is 75, and though she is healthy, she doesn’t really drive much anymore.

I’d love to teach my girlfriend how to drive, but we don’t have our own car.


Part of me has wanted to Write a New Book, but that doesn’t help me in regards to going out, or my Web Series.

But maybe I shouldn’t be tying them all together, each is its’ own thing.

Ever since the state blew it with getting me Permanent Disability, I haven’t had the emotional where with all to deal with appealing it.

Trying to get it is such a blow to my self esteem, even though the money is rightfully mine.

I really wish I could make money in some other way, but I’ve never found anything viable working from home.


Thanks for Listening/Reading



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